Winter boots

Anyone who lives in the north needs a good pair of warm boots!

After one ice fishing weekend up to my friends Harley and Kristen’s camp up outside of The Forks, standing on the ice in my rain boots, in knew it was time for a real pair of grown up snow boots.

Luck has it, I found some great, warm, made in the USA boots by Kamik.

I got the Canucks, but they have a ton of other great styles that are Made in the US or Made in Canada.


Here are my boots, post smelting trip on Sunday.

I bought them on, and when my first pair did not fit, they were super easy to exchange for the right size thanks to Zappo.

I found the bottoms to be a little thin on insulation. I bought a pair of felt inserts for the bottom made by Ranger that were made in Canada and they are great, they make the boots even warmer. I got those at the Labonville in Madison, Maine for $4.

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