I could not for the life of me find USA made underwear–everything was imported.  I found a few places, but they were super expensive.

Finally, I found bgreen apparel!


Love the fit, love the colors. I got classic bikini and bikini with lace. I’ll skip posting photos but you can see them on their website.

I also got some leggings from them which I also really like. Very comfortable.  It’s made from organic cotton, a big bonus.

They also sell men’s clothing.


2nd option: I also ordered underpants from Uranus Apparel. They make “soyshorts” or soy fiber undies. If you like the boy cut/ short cut style, these are good. It’s not personally my favorite but if you like that style, they are made in the USA.


Gals out there– have you found any made in the USA drawers to suggest?

Fellas– suggestions for the men’s side of things?

One thought on “Underwear

  1. Decent Exposures makes great underwear (bras, underpants in several styles, tights) in Seattle. I love their stuff.

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