Running shoes

Many Mainers know that New Balance makes athletic shoes in Maine. It is one of the last big companies making sneakers in the USA.

When I need a new pair, I make a stop into the factory store in Skowhegan to see what they have. There is a factory store in Oxford, ME too.

What many people do not realize is that not all of their sneakers are made in the USA, only some. You have to look at each pair and see. I have seen friends who are very disappointed when the look under the tongue of the shoe only to discover their New Balances were made overseas.

Be sure to look to see if they are made in the USA before you buy, and then lace up and hit the road!

You can buy New Balance footwear in lots of stores, including Lamey Wellehan stores across Maine, a terrific local business.


Hiking Boots

My old LL Bean hiking boots had been purchased in 2002, so I guess it was okay that they were toast. I got a good decade out of them and they went many places with me.

Imagine my excitement to discover union made, made in the USA hiking boots! The company is called Danner and the workers are organized with UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers) Local 555.

Check them out:

Super comfortable, very supportive, and very waterproof. Love ’em. I bought these about a year ago and they have been all over Maine with me already.

Danner boots