Swim Suit

My weekly swim workout buddy Emmie was quite worried that my suit was going to break any day now. I guess that’s to be expected as it was my racing suit from junior year of high school in 2001. (Go Rams).

So online I went and found Illusions Activewear and ordered a navy racerback suit.  Made in California.

I was bummed when it arrived and was too small, but when I called the company to figure out a better size, they were very helpful.  They had me measure myself, and they made me a custom suit!  It costs about as much as I would have paid for a name brand suit at the local big box store.

Tip: sizes run small and the fabric (at least on the style I chose) doesn’t stretch out too much. Measure yourself and use the sizing chart.

I took it for a test swim last week and it felt great.

bathing suit

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