Rana Anniversary

Last week was a hard week, remembering the 1 year anniversary of the collapse of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh and the 1,138 workers who died. Another 2,500 were injured.

It made me think twice about my blog and the way I talk about the effort to prevent these type of disasters. (Mass murders, you could say.)

We cannot shop our way out of the problem— and yet in a way that’s what I am trying to do here with this blog.  It is important that we as individuals take action through what we purchase, but it will never be enough.

  • We need to hold the companies responsible for this disaster and make them change their ways and ensure it never happens again.
  • We must require governments to enforce workers’ rights and workplace safety laws.
  • We must support the workers who are organizing in the factories in Bangladesh and around the world, and follow their lead.

Here is a link to an op-ed that Father Mike Seavey and I co-wrote for the Portland Press Herald on the occasion of the anniversary.  Please take a moment to read it and remember the workers who lost their lives.

Little Changed Since Bangladesh Factory Tragedy


Sign a petition to Children’s Place today asking them to pay up what they owe the workers and the survivors   http://orphansplace.com/


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