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Since I started Bigney’s List, people have sent me their own favorite made in the USA, union made, made in Maine, or fair trade companies and goods.

Here’s a list of suggestions from others that I have not personally bought anything from, but I wanted to share.

Please leave notes in the comments if you would like to suggest a favorite ethically made product.


Kiyonna: plus-size women’s clothing made in California www.kiyonna.com
Igigi: plus-size women’s outfits designed and made in San Francisco igigi.com
Decent Exposures: underwear and basic clothing for all sizes, including nursing bras and bathing suits. Made in Seattle  decentexposures.com
Flint and Tinder: Men’s clothes + women’s underwear¬†¬†http://www.flintandtinderusa.com/
Peaveys and logging gear: http://peaveymfg.com/
Made in Maine ice fishing traps: http://jacktraps.com/
Made in Maine skis: http://www.lucidskis.com/
Made in the USA fly-rods http://www.allenflyfishing.com/

One thought on “Other Suggestions

  1. Made in USA towels and bedding. We have the towels; they are thick and wonderful.


    Thank you for pulling all this information together. I buy US products too whenever I am able to.

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