False advertising!


If there is one thing that gets me riled up, it’s this.

A few years back while looking for union made boots online, I found a store called “Union Made” online. I excitedly reviewed the options. Upon closer investigation I found out that their products are not, in fact, union made.

UNIONMADE is the name of company, and they have storefronts in California and you can buy their products online.unionmadefalse

For a while they even had a union bug (the sign that a product is union made, with the union’s local on it) as their company logo.  The AFL-CIO sent them to ceases and desist letter.

This falsification is a slap in the face to every man woman and child in this c0untry and around the world who fought and sometimes died for the right to a union, to organization and a voice and dignity on the job.

I could rant about this all day but I will spare you and just link to some articles of people who have researched this.

When asked, Todd Barket the store founder said: “It had nothing to do with unions. I’m surprised that people took the name literally.”

So buyer, beware. Do not shop at UNIONMADE.

More info:

Gawker- Unionmade: Retailer of Expensive Fashions That Are Not Union Made

AFL-CIO: Unionmade isn’t

Huffington Post: There Once Was a Union Made

One thought on “False advertising!

  1. i had stumbed across that same company and was similarly at first delighted and then angry. As I started to suspect that their merchandise was not, in fact, union made, I emailed them to ask. I get a reply that said it was not union made but they chose that name to signify quality. Really? “Union Made” signifies quality but you don’ t carry anything that is ACTUALLY union made? I was vey happy when I found out the AFL-CIO was pushing back (the logo I had noticed was not a union bug but was a slightly less detailed version of the linked-hands in the AFL-CIO logo)

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