Water Bottle

Among all the water bottles on the shelf at Triathlete Sports in water bottleBangor, I checked them all and was glad to find a Made in the USA, BPA free one that fits great in my bike.


I think LL Bean sells the same one, and you can probably get it lots of places. I got it in blue and went back for a 2nd one that’s clear. It is a little tricky to clean, so you may need a brush with a handle, but I think that’s the case with many water bottles. A little bleach rinse every once in a while seems to work great.


Bike shorts

Getting back on the road bike after a winter without riding means one thing: a sore saddle.

I decided to invest in bike shorts, lovely padded pants that cushion your tush when you’re on the bike seat.

I found Aero Tech Designs Cyclewear online and ordered a pair. http://www.aerotechdesigns.com/ They manufacture in PA.IMG_6561

I went for the All American Women’s Bike Short– made in the USA. It was even on sale.

I really like the shorts, they are comfortable and feel great on long rides. They don’t have any uncomfortable seems. They are well made. I ordered size large and I am glad I did, they are pretty short.

Not all of their products are made in the USA but a majority are. They are well labeled on their website so you can see which of their gear is American made.

Running Shoes

I have already blogged about New Balance, but since I bought another pair, let’s do another shout out.

Made in the USA running sneakers, sold right here in Maine at the factory store in Skowhegan.

BUT REMEMBER that not all New Balance sneakers are made in the USA, only some are. Be sure to check the label of each pair or ask the store clerk to point out which ones are.

newbalanceHappy running!


Exercise ball

Ergonomics! I was interested in getting an exercise ball to use as an office desk chair and I decided to ask Santa for one.

I found the company Elgin online that makes exercise balls here in the USA.

My brother Ben got a tip from Santa and got me their 75cm ball for Christmas. I’ve been happily sitting on it at work ever since. It makes me sit up straight with better posture and works my core just a little bit all day.

Thank you brother Ben!


Don’t mind my messy desk.


Running shirts

When you go to an event and there is a tee shirt, it is almost always the cheapest made and it is imported.
You can imagine my excitement when I got my shirt for the “Polar Bear Tri” on May 3rd in Brunswick and I discovered it was in fact made in the USA.

Turns out the company is Atayne and their running gear is made in the USA.


I like the fabric, really light weight and breathable. I also like the cut, very comfortable.



Socks are the gateway drug to buying Made in the USA clothes. There are lots of opportunities, with many companies that manufacture socks in America.

My favorite are Darn Tough from Vermont. They last great. (You can pick up a pair from Brad and the crew at Epic Sports in downtown Bangor.)

Wigwam socks are great, a go-to for a thick warm winter sock, and I think they have lots of other types.

I get cute Goodhew socks from Summer at Valentine Footwear in Bangor.

Another option is Smartwool. I used to see imported Smartwool socks, but lately I have checked and most of the Smartwool I see has “Made in the USA” on the label.

I’ve been wearing Thorlo running socks and they are so comfortable.

For the Baxter hiking trip I purchased two pairs of wicking liner socks from Fox River, but as I recall not all of their socks are made in the USA so be sure to check.

Lamey Wellehan shoe stores across Maine carry many of these brands.

So, it may be hard to get into wearing made in the USA from head to toe, but jumping in feet first is easy.




Tri Suit

This post may not be useful to many, but if you are out there internetsearching for Made in the USA Triathlon gear- this is for you.

I was getting ready for the Pumpkinman Triathlon in Berwick last year and needed my apparel for the race day- something to swim, bike, and run in all in one.

I was pumped to find a) a tri gear store in downtown Bangor and b) a made in the USA “tri tank” and “tri shorts” there.

The people at Triathlete Sports in Bangor were very helpful and I found De Soto shorts, tank, and sports bra there. The whole line of De Soto tri gear is Made in the USA.

tri suit 1

Even if you just run, bike, or swim you should check out De Soto.

Here it is in action:

sarah tri


Swim Suit

My weekly swim workout buddy Emmie was quite worried that my suit was going to break any day now. I guess that’s to be expected as it was my racing suit from junior year of high school in 2001. (Go Rams).

So online I went and found Illusions Activewear and ordered a navy racerback suit.  Made in California.

I was bummed when it arrived and was too small, but when I called the company to figure out a better size, they were very helpful.  They had me measure myself, and they made me a custom suit!  It costs about as much as I would have paid for a name brand suit at the local big box store.

Tip: sizes run small and the fabric (at least on the style I chose) doesn’t stretch out too much. Measure yourself and use the sizing chart.

I took it for a test swim last week and it felt great.

bathing suit

Running shoes

Many Mainers know that New Balance makes athletic shoes in Maine. It is one of the last big companies making sneakers in the USA.

When I need a new pair, I make a stop into the factory store in Skowhegan to see what they have. There is a factory store in Oxford, ME too.

What many people do not realize is that not all of their sneakers are made in the USA, only some. You have to look at each pair and see. I have seen friends who are very disappointed when the look under the tongue of the shoe only to discover their New Balances were made overseas.

Be sure to look to see if they are made in the USA before you buy, and then lace up and hit the road!

You can buy New Balance footwear in lots of stores, including Lamey Wellehan stores across Maine, a terrific local business.