Blue Jeans- Bullet Blues

I decided to try another Made in the USA blue jeans brand, since I can’t find the Lucky Made in the USA jeans on their web site right now.

Bullet Blues are made in the USA, with made in the USA materials too.

I got the Bullet Blues jeans“Audace – Dark wash cowgirl boot cut.” They fit well and have cute red stitching that add a stylish touch.

Since getting these, I have had several compliments on them so I think they are a good pair of jeans.

They are expensive, but I only buy a couple pairs of jeans per year and wear them all the time, so it works for me.



Socks are the gateway drug to buying Made in the USA clothes. There are lots of opportunities, with many companies that manufacture socks in America.

My favorite are Darn Tough from Vermont. They last great. (You can pick up a pair from Brad and the crew at Epic Sports in downtown Bangor.)

Wigwam socks are great, a go-to for a thick warm winter sock, and I think they have lots of other types.

I get cute Goodhew socks from Summer at Valentine Footwear in Bangor.

Another option is Smartwool. I used to see imported Smartwool socks, but lately I have checked and most of the Smartwool I see has “Made in the USA” on the label.

I’ve been wearing Thorlo running socks and they are so comfortable.

For the Baxter hiking trip I purchased two pairs of wicking liner socks from Fox River, but as I recall not all of their socks are made in the USA so be sure to check.

Lamey Wellehan shoe stores across Maine carry many of these brands.

So, it may be hard to get into wearing made in the USA from head to toe, but jumping in feet first is easy.




Jeans- Lucky

Okay, first off, ordering jeans online is a very difficult thing to do, I get that.  I took the risk and it actually worked out.

I saw that Lucky Brand Jeans are making some of their jeans in the US. My favorite pair of Levi’s that I wear almost every day are looking pretty sad, so I had to take the plunge and buy a new pair.

Lucky for me (pun intended) the Made in the USA pair I wanted to try was on sale for $40 off! That made a big difference as they are pretty pricy. I would suggest watching the site for sales like that.

I ordered the wrong size the first time, but got it right the second try.jeans

I bought the Lolita Boot Cut and I like them alot.  I read online that the denim is made in NC and the jeans are made in TN and CA.


I could not for the life of me find USA made underwear–everything was imported.  I found a few places, but they were super expensive.

Finally, I found bgreen apparel!

Love the fit, love the colors. I got classic bikini and bikini with lace. I’ll skip posting photos but you can see them on their website.

I also got some leggings from them which I also really like. Very comfortable.  It’s made from organic cotton, a big bonus.

They also sell men’s clothing.


2nd option: I also ordered underpants from Uranus Apparel. They make “soyshorts” or soy fiber undies. If you like the boy cut/ short cut style, these are good. It’s not personally my favorite but if you like that style, they are made in the USA.

Gals out there– have you found any made in the USA drawers to suggest?

Fellas– suggestions for the men’s side of things?

Basic tops for women

On my Christmas visit to my brother in Oakland, California I passed a store in his neighborhood called “Cotton Basics.”  True to it’s name they sell simple cotton tops, skirts, and dresses, that are all made right there in Oakland.

You can buy their clothes online.

I picked up two shirts there and I really like them. They are nicely cut, pretty affordable, and come in nice colors.  I am wearing one today, it looks like this: