Guest blog: USA Pan

This guest blog post comes to you from my friends Tracy and Charlie.

USA Pans made in Pittsburgh, PA


Looking for a gift for the baker in your life?  We love these pans. We first got a USA Pan a few years ago and from the first time we used these pans we fell in love.

We have the square cake pan, small bread loaf pan, and two cookie sheets.

They have a wonderful non stick surface. Great storage. The baking sheets have a great lip on one edge to grab the pan but the other side is open so you can slide things off.

“They are so good, she won’t let me cook any of my stuff on them,” said Charlie. “Nothing savory.”

“I protect my pans” from the chickens and meats, she replied.

They have a wonderful non stick surface, but made with silicone not Teflon, so we are very glad that they are non-toxic.  Great storage.

Water Bottle

Among all the water bottles on the shelf at Triathlete Sports in water bottleBangor, I checked them all and was glad to find a Made in the USA, BPA free one that fits great in my bike.

I think LL Bean sells the same one, and you can probably get it lots of places. I got it in blue and went back for a 2nd one that’s clear. It is a little tricky to clean, so you may need a brush with a handle, but I think that’s the case with many water bottles. A little bleach rinse every once in a while seems to work great.


Baby shower

My dear wonderful friend Digs and her sweet husband Donny are having a baby next month! I am so excited for them and I can’t wait to meet baby Isa.

I was excited to find some items they needed to get ready to care for Isa that were made in the USA.

Glass bottles by Dr. Brown’s Baby
It looks like most but not all of their products are made in the USA so be sure to check. I got them via Target.

Sealy crib mattress pads, ordered from Target,

Isa, we can’t wait to meet you and love you!


Can opener

I knew my brother’s wonderful partner Ming was interested in a new can opener, so I decided to find him a made in the USA can opener for Christmas. Ming spends a lot of the time in the kitchen cooking amazing delicious food, so I am happy to help him have good tools to do so!

In the process I discovered a cool website that sells only Made in the USA goods, a great find.

It’s the EZ-DUZ-IT Can Opener, found via Sierra Valley Trading Company.

Ming’s review:

Can opener is awesome! Large handle means that opening cans is easy on your hands, and the fact that it opens flat makes it easy to clean.”

can opener 2


Paper Plates

Headed to a cookout or camping? Having a big party? The plates you are eating off of may have been made in Maine by union workers.

I always get Chinet paper plates if I am going to use disposable plates. They are chinetmade right in Fairfield, Maine at the Huhtamaki plant.  They are crafted by the good women and men of United Steelworkers (USW) Local 449.

When you’re camping, you can just toss the dirty plates in your campfire after the meal. They are lightweight but super durable.  Love ’em!

Buy Chinet and you are support good jobs right here in central Maine.






Nothing worse than dull knives! If you are trying to cook and you have terrible knives, I know how you feel.

Lucky for me, Andy got CUTCO knives for the kitchen last Christmas to replace the old ones.

CUTCO knives are made in the USA, by the good women and men of the United Steelworkers.

They have a great selection and they work well.



Cast Iron Pans

Nothing like cooking on a well seasoned cast iron pan.

Lodge cast iron pans are made in the USA– they have small ones, big ones, and many different shapes.  We got a small skillet, a large skillet, a dutch oven and a round griddle.

Note– Lodge’s enameled cast iron pans are made in China, but their season cast iron and seasoned carbon steel products are made in the USA.

From their website:

All of our foundry Seasoned Cast Iron and our Seasoned Carbon Steel products are manufactured in the USA and always will be. All Enameled Cast Iron products are made in China to our strict quality standards.”


cast iron pans

Bonus, you can cook with them on the wood stove when the power is out.


My last mattress had been my grandparents’, and when the springs starting sticking out, I used duct tape.  When the springs broke through the duct tape, I decided to take the plunge and buy a mattress- a new one.

This was about four years ago. I heard a radio ad for a mattress company just down the hill from my apartment at the time in Portland, Maine. Can you believe it? Mattresses made in Portland, right on Marginal Way.  Portland Mattress Makers to the rescue.

I swung down, tried some out, and happened to hit up a President’s Day sale. They delivered my new mattress, took away the old one, and I slept happily ever after.

Seriously, I love my bed.  Great investment.

mattress logo