Schlepping my stuff at the State House in a stained, ripped tote bag got embarrassing so I went on the search for a Made in the USA messenger bag or computer bag to up my game.

I ended up with a hemp green and brown bag so I don’t know if I got quite as polished as some, but it’s still my style.

I am branching out from Made in the USA to Fair Trade with this post. I couldn’t find a bag that I liked and was within my budget that was Made in the USA. Most were leather and that’s not really my look.

I found Earth Divas and decided to go with a Fair Trade bag made in Nepal by a women’s cooperative. They say that 100% of the profits goes to the workers who make the bags. It’s hard to know for sure, but I hope they are doing what they say they are doing. That doesn’t always work.

I really like the bag. It has held up well and holds a lot in it. They sell not only computer bags but handbags and other goods.

bag (Small)