Running shirts

When you go to an event and there is a tee shirt, it is almost always the cheapest made and it is imported.
You can imagine my excitement when I got my shirt for the “Polar Bear Tri” on May 3rd in Brunswick and I discovered it was in fact made in the USA.

Turns out the company is Atayne and their running gear is made in the USA.


I like the fabric, really light weight and breathable. I also like the cut, very comfortable.


Yoga Mat

Well here’s post where I feel like a cliche hippie-ish woman. Yoga mats!

I got my previous yoga mat on the side of the road in Orono, when a guy I knew was getting rid of all his stuff as he moved away after graduation.   By last winter it was shedding pieces of blue on the studio floor and I think my instructor was probably getting annoyed at having to clean up after I attended class.

I went on the quest for a USA made yoga mat, and this is the only one I found.

Jade yoga mats are made in the US and made from natural rubber. I got the Harmony mat, 3/16 in. I actually ended up buying it in person at Whole Foods in Portland rather than ordering it online, because they sell them right there.

I recommend it. So far it has held up well- it was a Christmas gift from my mom last year and I use it about once a week. It’s a little worn already where my feet are usually stepping during practice. The colors are nice and the surface feels good under my feet.

It was slippery at first– if you get one, you may slide in your downward facing dog for the first few practices. Luckily after a few practices it was broken in enough and no longer has that problem.