Hi, my name is Sarah.  I live in Maine. I don’t like sweatshops, so I try to buy things that are made in the USA, union made, fair trade, and from local businesses as much as I can. It is not easy, but with some effort it can be done. Certainly not everything I buy is ethically made, but I am trying.

From cars to coffee to underwear, I want to know where it was made and what the working conditions are there.

I want to make it easier for others to buy ethically and sustainably made goods, so I figure I will share my research. Thus, this blog is born! My friend Ben named it Bigney’s List, and my brother Ben helped me set it up.

Here I will share with anyone who is interested the Made in the USA, fair trade, union made, or Maine made goods I find.

Have suggestions? Please leave me a comment here on the site.

Please note: I have not personally visited the factories or spoken with the workers who make these goods. (Unless otherwise noted.) I am going on whatever information I can find. If you have reason to believe the products I mention are made under unethical working conditions, please let me know! It is always hard to be sure and sometimes there is limited information to go on.



Halloween ’13. Rosie the Riveter– “We Can Do It”

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  1. Nice site! Thank You for pushing “American Made” . . . It would be nice if you had a Twiiter, Face Book, Google etc, buttons so we can share your site across America.

  2. Hi Sarah,- can I get your posts directly sent to me? Great work! — Loey

  3. Thank you for pointing us to “made in USA” products. This is important work. Keep on researching and sharing what you find!

  4. Ethical working conditions are very important to me, but so are personal thrift and environmental stewardship, so I try to buy very durable goods, and unfortunately American made is not always durable. You’ve owned some of these goods for a while, correct? Would you please comment on how much use you’re giving them, and how they’re holding up? Thank you for your hard work on this very important subject!

  5. Thank you so much for the review on our Bullet Blues Bombshell Jeans 100% made in USA. What a great surprise. Glad you like the jeans. They should last you a long time 🙂 – we will share your list. Just found it…

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