Mug accessories

In another gift edition, my dear friends Liz and Cullen sure know the way to my heart.

For my birthday they gifted me accessories to turn a mason jar into a travel mug, made in the USA style.

Cuppow lids are super cool and make it easy to take tea or coffee on the go.

The Kurier mug sleeve is a delightful way to hold hot beverages without burning your hands. Made in Maine.



Hello Bigney’s List, sorry to neglect you. Campaign season took it’s toll on everything in my life outside of trying to elect a fair trade, made in the USA champion as Maine’s next Governor. That didn’t work out. Now I’m back.

I’ll be compiling a holiday gift buying guide in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned! Mostly this will feature items I have already written about, but I’ll do a post compiling a bunch of ideas for those out there who want to buy Made in the USA and ethically purchased gifts this winter.

Winter coat

I am a lucky girl and my mom got me a new warm coat for my birthday last month. I needed something warm and sturdy to wear carrying in firewood and such chores that other coats can’t handle.

Carhartt makes a few of their coats in the USA, union made by UFCW (my very union!)

I picked light brown but they have black, blue, etc. This one is lined and has a hood, it’s very warm. It is men’s sizes only on this coat, but the small fits great with room for layers underneath. The waist and arm cuffs are tight and cozy.

Luckily this arrived in the mail the day before a blizzard, during the Get Out the Vote effort on the election, so the timing was perfect. So I can say I have tested it and the flannel lining is amazing and warm.

Thanks, mom!