Fall is pretty much here, the floor is getting cold. We haven’t started the woodstove yet but my feet are ready for something more.

Everyone needs a good pair of slippers. A few years ago I was looking for a pair and had a hard time finding any made in Maine that I could afford. Plenty of companies sell moccasins with Maine place names to make you think they are made in Maine, but they are not. A few are actually made in Maine but were out of my price range.

Luckily my friend Gus found me a source at a fair made right in Ellsworth. Anne and Bob Dickens are the small company ‘Leatherworkers.’ They asked me to outline my foot on paper and mail it to them, and they sent me custom made slippers that are ridiculously cozy.

They are not tightly form fitting, but the inside is soft and fluffy and will keep your feet warm and toasty all winter long. They have held up great.


My pair are a little dirty but I spill things often.

I don’t remember the exact price but they were very affordable.

Bob and Anne Dickens, Leatherworkers: (207) 667-7925